Saturday, September 20, 2014


I have never been one to be a part of the in crowd. I don’t know that you can choose or not choose to be part of the in crowd, but in a way I chose not to be. I sixth grade I had a pair of jeans with a ‘?’ on the front button. Well, my friends (well, mostly the boys) would giggle and say, do  you not know what is inside your pants? Haha, HeHe… So off to junior high and low and behold, ALL the cool girls had ‘?’ on the buttons on their pants, But my pair were too small by then. I decided then that I would never try to be part of the in crowd.

A few years back, a popular phrase came out. Everyone was saying it. Bumper stickers had it. Those trendy plastic bracelets….  The list goes on! I didn’t like the phrase because it was trendy and cool! WWJD… can people use real words instead of acronyms?

Well, some years have passed, it is not so trendy anymore, and I have matured =) I have decided it is a fabulous phrase! When someone says something mean to you, you should ask yourself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ When you are angry, you should stop and say ‘What would Jesus do?’ When your life is at the very bottom and there is no where else to go, ask yourself ‘What would Jesus do?’

Our Savior is a perfect example for us. The scriptures teach us through parables, stories, and revelations what Jesus would do. When we are stuck, we simply need to ask ourselves what the Savior would do, then act upon it. Our lives will be blessed and so will the people’s around us!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Waterproof Computer

My thoughts come while I am in the shower. I need a waterproof computer. I never remember them when I get out. My brain must be going down the drain =)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Official Political Piece

Vote if you want to complain =)  Otherwise, no complaints allowed!

Our country wasn’t ruined over the last 4 years and it won’t be ruined in the next 4 years.

Yes, we are in a decline of leadership all around and I pray that that will change.

The president can’t make all the decisions, but he can hire a good time of advisors! Still, Congress has to approve most of his decisions.

We should get rid of the electoral college! Votes should strictly be majority wins! Or, a compromise would be to split electoral college votes based on popular votes. Why should any state have already awarded their votes when voting day just began this morning?

I vote based on morals and as strange as some of you may find this, one of the reasons I will not vote for Obama is because he has two little girls and I believe they deserve to be raised in a home with a father who can be there for him. As my president, he should be at my beck and call and obligated to serve ALL hours of the day. He cannot possibly be a father to little girls and be my president! Go home and play dad until they are older, then play president! Your bucket list shouldn’t supersede the needs of children. Stop being so selfish. It is not about what you want and fulfilling your dreams. They NEED you now!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fast Food

I try never to eat fast food for a multiple of reasons: it is very expensive, I can make it at home, it is beyond unhealthy (mostly), the children start to think they can ask for it for dinner, etc… We have had exchange students in our home all year and OF COURSE they have to experience some fast food while they are here. So, this year, and I have not gained any weight showing you can eat out and not be super sized, I have started to really decide where I like to go (and so have the children). I will start with the children. Benjamin has begun to think that french fries and ice cream is a choice for dinner. Third child, what more can I say? All places are the same to him, but Wendy’s and MacDonald's win the cheap ice cream competition. Costco is always a winner because of samples, smoothies, and ice cream =) Isaac has developed an adult taste and LOVES In-n-Out Hamburgers, Chipotle, Wendy’s (Frosty), …. At In-N-Out he gets a cheeseburger with onions and extra pickles =) Bekah is most like her younger brother so Wendy’s is her favorite =) Anything for a frosty. I think Mac Donald’s would be just as good, BUT ice cream doesn’t come WITH the meal =) So, what do I like…. well, I really think Mac Donald’s and Carl’s Jr have the best hamburger choices. So many sauces and vegetables, and chilies… yummy! I also love mexican food, so Chipotle and CafĂ© Rio are WONDERFUL =) And, of course, Farmer Boys has great food and Costco Polish Sausages are great with sauerkraut! I think In-N-Out has the best price of hamburger, and since it tastes great, it is a number one choice always! However, I think the french fries at In-N-Out are not so great! Carl’s are much better! Recently we have tried a new place, Five Guys! I think their hamburgers taste very good, but not worth the money. Their fries are really good, but there is something very special about Five Guys which sparked me to write this… their soda fountain =) So cool just to look at! It is all touch screen. They have everything in regular and diet, including diet caffeine free coke!!!!!! So, I loved it even more =) They over regular water for free, and bottle water with and without bubbles. they have lemonade and Sports drinks. Now to the best part…. flavors =) They offer vanilla, peach, cherry, raspberry, orange, and much,much, more! So, for every soda/water/lemonade/etc choice, you can add any flavor! Watching my cup fill reminded me of watching the paint bucket have color added to it at Home Depot. The neatest thing ever! I am lucky there isn’t one in the high desert or I might become a soda junky!

So, where won’t I go… Burger King.I haven’t been there since college. I didn't like it the handful of times I went, so why go now with all the choices available to me? I don’t choose Wendy’s, but their salads and chili are okay.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to go to chinese very often. Exchange students want hamburgers and they don’t sell ice cream, so the children don’t like to go there =( I also don’t get enough mexican type food!

I am ready for some home cookin’=)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State Punishment

Okay, so I am not a sports fan. In fact, I really dislike how much time and money our country puts into sports (and actors, but that is another post). However, I think the punishment for Penn State is a little over the top. The PEOPLE involved did a horrific thing. The people should be punished. I realize they represent Penn State, so I understand the school being fined, or something. But to have all the wins stripped from 1998 until 2011 is telling all those football players that they didn’t do their job and they didn’t win. They did win! Joe Paterno was a winning coach! You want to remove his statue, okay, but you can’t change the fact that he did an excellent job at coaching football! There are many football players that currently go to Penn State who are looking to the school to provide them with an education AND possibly help them with a future in football. These boys have already chosen Penn State. Now they are being told they can transfer elsewhere! It isn’t that easy to simply transfer colleges when you are dealing with sports. If they have a school scholarship, another school isn’t going to take over that scholarship. Penn State can’t afford to pay their football players to attend another University! Penn State is having to start fresh with so many new leaders at the school. That in itself will be a punishment and will take a long time to recover from. The PEOPLE will be punished! Let the students enjoy their college career and heal together! Let them rejoice in all the other wonderful positives the school has offered for many years and will continue to offer for years to come!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boiling HOT!

I am not a band geek like my husband, but I do appreciate music! Our local high school has decided to NOT have a band director next year. They have a football team and lots of resources for a virtual PE class using the Wii and its add-ons, but no band!

I am so very grateful that I not only get to homeschool, but next year spend the time studying art and MUSIC everyday. My children will not have a homecoming football game to attend, or be on the prom court, but they will learn how to think and how to appreciate more than just text books with test!