Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Official Political Piece

Vote if you want to complain =)  Otherwise, no complaints allowed!

Our country wasn’t ruined over the last 4 years and it won’t be ruined in the next 4 years.

Yes, we are in a decline of leadership all around and I pray that that will change.

The president can’t make all the decisions, but he can hire a good time of advisors! Still, Congress has to approve most of his decisions.

We should get rid of the electoral college! Votes should strictly be majority wins! Or, a compromise would be to split electoral college votes based on popular votes. Why should any state have already awarded their votes when voting day just began this morning?

I vote based on morals and as strange as some of you may find this, one of the reasons I will not vote for Obama is because he has two little girls and I believe they deserve to be raised in a home with a father who can be there for him. As my president, he should be at my beck and call and obligated to serve ALL hours of the day. He cannot possibly be a father to little girls and be my president! Go home and play dad until they are older, then play president! Your bucket list shouldn’t supersede the needs of children. Stop being so selfish. It is not about what you want and fulfilling your dreams. They NEED you now!


  1. Wow! How about a Constitutional Amendment: no one shall serve as president who has children under the age of 18? Sounds good to me. That's why I did not like Palin running (for V.P.). Well, I don't think women should be Commander in Chief either, but that's another story. Oh, well. Our poor country!

  2. So if your Mitt was still rasing his sons and ran for office again you'd say the same thing? He was a govener when his sons "needed him" and he was all over hell and back making money and playing in politics. Or does it only matter if he had daughters? I'm just wondering. Does this count for all Presidents or ones that you don't you like? George W. Bush should have skipped being President and raised his daughters our country would be in a much better place.

    1. I am not sure that Governor's job is equivalent to the President of the United States. I also don't know that end of teen years is the same as young children. I don't think it matters if they are boys or girls, both need their parents there. I have been thinking about this more and I realized that anybody who has been the president, or is considering running from president, was (is) probably so busy and away from home before (trying to become) becoming president. They don't start campaigning the couple of years before. They start their career in politics spending all their time with those they want to elect them from the beginning. That bothers me too. Oh, I skipped a question. Yes I would say the same thing if Mitt had little children at home. I didn't vote for McCain because of Palin. What a horrible mother role model she is for my daughter! Running around with her brand new baby... who has Down's Syndrome! She wants to work, okay, but to be the Vice President... NO WAY! Oh, I also think there should be one 6 year term. Everyone complains Obama has ruined us in the past 4 years. Well, in the past four years, he has spent one year figuring out what his job is, etc, then maybe 1½ to 2 years being president, and then 1 to 1½ years campaigning. He hasn't had time to mess anything up! During the next 4 years, we will actually be able to make a judgement as to what kind of President he is. It is the same with all presidents. The don't really get to do anything until their 2nd term. With one 6 year term, the president can spend the first year figuring out what he is doing and then 5 straight years being a president! No campaigning, just being a president and having the opportunity to actually do something. Right now, they can only talk about what they would like to do in hopes of re-election. Does that all make since?

    2. I agree with the Palin comment. She's beyond stupid a new baby with issues, a pregnant teenager, good parenting there and she wanted to run our country. Try running your own home first. Politics is a mess no matter if you're male or female, LDS or not, it's just a big mess and time suck no matter how you look at it.

  3. I have to respectfully disagree with your idea to abolish the electoral college. I know our system isn't perfect.... but I firmly believe that if we went to a strictly popular vote... That most of the regular folk who don't live in large cities or states with large populations would largely be ignored, or at least marginalized.