Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Official Political Piece

Vote if you want to complain =)  Otherwise, no complaints allowed!

Our country wasn’t ruined over the last 4 years and it won’t be ruined in the next 4 years.

Yes, we are in a decline of leadership all around and I pray that that will change.

The president can’t make all the decisions, but he can hire a good time of advisors! Still, Congress has to approve most of his decisions.

We should get rid of the electoral college! Votes should strictly be majority wins! Or, a compromise would be to split electoral college votes based on popular votes. Why should any state have already awarded their votes when voting day just began this morning?

I vote based on morals and as strange as some of you may find this, one of the reasons I will not vote for Obama is because he has two little girls and I believe they deserve to be raised in a home with a father who can be there for him. As my president, he should be at my beck and call and obligated to serve ALL hours of the day. He cannot possibly be a father to little girls and be my president! Go home and play dad until they are older, then play president! Your bucket list shouldn’t supersede the needs of children. Stop being so selfish. It is not about what you want and fulfilling your dreams. They NEED you now!