Friday, December 16, 2011

Am I being punished?

No I am not. I know that. God doesn’t punish anyone. With that said, he doesn’t always intervene and therefore bad things happen. Well, nothing bad has happen! But, for those who know me know I don’t like guns, real or fake. I don’t think it is fun when children shoot at me. I know it is normal for children to play guns, but I still don’t like them. The only guns my children own are squirt guns from this last summer and the guns that come with Isaac’s clone trooper action figures. Isaac never turned any toy into a gun until his 2 or 3 year old sister did! And Benjamin, being the youngest, is always shooting at something. So what is the punishment I have been given? Tonight, Isaac was walking down the hallway and said, “ Daddy, can you imagine if your nostrils were guns?” So, the next time I see him wiggling his nose, I am going to think that he is trying to shoot at me!

This happens to go well with a conversation I had about guns and boys blowing things up the other day. The conversation was the same as any conversation until my friend asked how I liked bows and arrows since they are meant for hurting others. Great question! It really made me think (which is why I like her so much). to me bows and arrows are cartoon, fictional toys. So,I don’t think anything bad about them. You can even make them! However, they are meant for killing. They were used throughout the middle ages for war and hunting food. So are bows and arrows any less violent or do they portray any less evil than guns? Well, for me, at this time, yes. In our day and age, guns are associated with crime and hurting others. I don’t think hunting is a necessary sport. While I am not a vegetarian, I don’t see the need to go kill an animal for food. I can buy my chicken at the store. Unless I am a. officer of the peace, I don’t see a need to learn to shoot a gun. I guess also I don’t see how playing guns or shooting guns makes me a better person.

So, for all the guns lovers out there, just so you know, Isaac did get his BB Gun Belt Loop at scout camp AND I know someone who takes their 6 year old daughter to a local gun club and I have thought that maybe Isaac, and Bekah but she doesn’t like to shoot the bow and arrow yet, might like to go sometime. So while I am so weird compared to the rest of the world, I am not completely out of touch with reality. I still think that guns are a yucky evil in our world, but they are here and I do try to understand Isaac’s happiness in playing with them.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mrs. Jennings

I love Jane Austen books. I love the love stories. I am fascinated how the people never talk to each other! In Pride and Prejudice Jane’s own mother asks Elizabeth about what happened while Jane was in London. In Sense and Sensibility there were numerous times when the sisters openly conceal things from each other. No communication. And who is the bad character? Mrs. Jennings who talks! She doesn’t talk bad about anyone, she just talks. So, while I would love to be able to conceal so much, I am more like Mrs. Jennings. Well, I would like to be more like Mrs.Jennings =) Someone who just talks. My problem is that I have opinions, so while I am talking like Mrs. Jennings, I tend to voice those opinions and hence consider myself a gossip =( Sad, but true. And something I am working on! So, the point of this blog post, is that while I have said some horrible things about people (when voicing my opinion), I recently said some non-horrible things about a person I know. These non-horrible things were really expressed concerns that were formulated from information I had from a year and a half ago. Apparently someone told her (super mad message posted to Facebook, followed by threatening comments from her husband, and thus being completely blocked from her). While I say things that people should be mad at me about, this was honestly a mistake. However, she never talked to me personally about it. Only put comments on Facebook and then blocked me (and in my opinion, she should have come to me). So,m in my efforts to be Mrs. Jennings, I will continue to try and keep my opinions to myself to other people about other people, but I will continue to talk and not conceal everything =)