Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who likes schedules?

I love them! I love to make them, I love to keep them, I love when everyone else keeps them too.

So, who wants to figure mine out? =) I can’t get it right! I would think with homeschooling it would be easy. We are all home all day long! It seems to make it worse. There are even more fun activities to do, so we are never home (except for right now). And when we are home, we are too tired to do anything, haha. My children love it!

And while we are on the subject, who likes to rearrange furniture? ME! Who wants to figure out where I can put everything for school and crafts and pleasure reading and music and and and and……I know the solution! Smaller house, throw away your unused stuff! I am grateful for a 9 year old boy who lives this motto. Do I have to keep that? Yes, but put it in your binder and put your binder away =)

Air Head

It is so windy right now that I am up at 5 in the morning after only 5 hours of sleep (maybe a bit more)! The wind kept waking me up, so I finally got up to close all the windows and post something fantastic that has been flying through my head. However, I can’t think of anything right now =)

However, I will say how blessed we are when we are patient and know that it is not our ‘time’ in which blessing come. Sometimes they come earlier and sometimes they come later… much later. But hey come!