Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Love Reminders!

I choose to enroll Frederike in a performing arts school. She loves to dance and I thought that would be a great place for her. When asking about the dress code, the Admissions Secretary told me that as long as they can’t see their undergarments or stomachs, then it doesn’t matter. They are artists you know and they need to be able to express themselves. So artists have no standards? Last week I went to Frederike’s High School to help her pick out classes. The front Office Secretary was just plan rude/nasty/unlikable. I don’t know how to describe it. It is sad how unpleasant (that is a better word) school secretaries generally are =( WE then took a tour of the campus and while we were there, we saw 4 or 5 girls coming running out of on of the buildings giggling and such and the went running somewhere else. They were so happy. When we got in the car Frederike couldn’t stop laughing at the boy who was running through the halls with the girls. The boy who was dressed and acting like a girl! Thursday I took her to school and stopped to pay for the bus. Again, she was not welcoming,  but not really mean, just not pleasant. We pay for the bus then go around the corner to get her Student ID (which is needed for a bus pass). While waiting we saw piercings of all kind on the face (sparkly though) and hair various colors. the IDs were taking about 10 minutes each. A student walked up and was talking to the Admissions lady about classes when all of a sudden the ADULT says, “Are you flipping me off?”  THE ADULT! IS that how adults teach children to interact and communicate with others? The girl looked at her and with a bit of disgust said,” I was scratching my nose!” Around this time the lady behind us leaves and returns with a temporary bus pass for her son because there wasn’t enough time for them to get their passes before school. So, I went back to the front of the office to talk to the oh so pleasant secretary and I politely ask for a bus pass. She replies with,” I am not giving out temporary passes today.” I am dumbfounded. And I simply tell her that the other lady just got one for her son. And she continues to say, she didn’t give it out and that they aren’t handing them out today. First of all WHY NOT! and Second, SHE JUST GOT ONE! So I repeat that the lady just got one and walk out the door and the lady yells after me, “ I’m not lying to you.”  What ever! I am SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO glad that I will most likely not ever have to deal with this on a regular bases! Thanks Encore staff and students for reminding me how lucky I am to be homeschooling and how happy I am that I have the option of NOT dealing with you for an extended time!