Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fast Food

I try never to eat fast food for a multiple of reasons: it is very expensive, I can make it at home, it is beyond unhealthy (mostly), the children start to think they can ask for it for dinner, etc… We have had exchange students in our home all year and OF COURSE they have to experience some fast food while they are here. So, this year, and I have not gained any weight showing you can eat out and not be super sized, I have started to really decide where I like to go (and so have the children). I will start with the children. Benjamin has begun to think that french fries and ice cream is a choice for dinner. Third child, what more can I say? All places are the same to him, but Wendy’s and MacDonald's win the cheap ice cream competition. Costco is always a winner because of samples, smoothies, and ice cream =) Isaac has developed an adult taste and LOVES In-n-Out Hamburgers, Chipotle, Wendy’s (Frosty), …. At In-N-Out he gets a cheeseburger with onions and extra pickles =) Bekah is most like her younger brother so Wendy’s is her favorite =) Anything for a frosty. I think Mac Donald’s would be just as good, BUT ice cream doesn’t come WITH the meal =) So, what do I like…. well, I really think Mac Donald’s and Carl’s Jr have the best hamburger choices. So many sauces and vegetables, and chilies… yummy! I also love mexican food, so Chipotle and CafĂ© Rio are WONDERFUL =) And, of course, Farmer Boys has great food and Costco Polish Sausages are great with sauerkraut! I think In-N-Out has the best price of hamburger, and since it tastes great, it is a number one choice always! However, I think the french fries at In-N-Out are not so great! Carl’s are much better! Recently we have tried a new place, Five Guys! I think their hamburgers taste very good, but not worth the money. Their fries are really good, but there is something very special about Five Guys which sparked me to write this… their soda fountain =) So cool just to look at! It is all touch screen. They have everything in regular and diet, including diet caffeine free coke!!!!!! So, I loved it even more =) They over regular water for free, and bottle water with and without bubbles. they have lemonade and Sports drinks. Now to the best part…. flavors =) They offer vanilla, peach, cherry, raspberry, orange, and much,much, more! So, for every soda/water/lemonade/etc choice, you can add any flavor! Watching my cup fill reminded me of watching the paint bucket have color added to it at Home Depot. The neatest thing ever! I am lucky there isn’t one in the high desert or I might become a soda junky!

So, where won’t I go… Burger King.I haven’t been there since college. I didn't like it the handful of times I went, so why go now with all the choices available to me? I don’t choose Wendy’s, but their salads and chili are okay.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to go to chinese very often. Exchange students want hamburgers and they don’t sell ice cream, so the children don’t like to go there =( I also don’t get enough mexican type food!

I am ready for some home cookin’=)

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  1. Hey,

    this is such a great post - I found it coincidentally...

    Two years ago I tried a bunch of fast food restaurants:

    "The Ultimate Burger-List"
    1. In-N-Out
    2. Freddy's
    3. Five Guy's
    4. Culver's
    5. Wendy's
    6. Tom's
    7. Carl's Junior
    8. Arctic Circle
    9. Jack in the Box
    10. Del Taco
    11. Burger King

    I don't like Burger King either and i don't like the burgers at McDonalds.

    The best fries has Freddy's - but nobody beats a burger at In-N-Out ;-)

    I can recommend the pizza at Costco.

    I really miss the US and I still have to try a lot of other fast food restaurants...