Saturday, September 20, 2014


I have never been one to be a part of the in crowd. I don’t know that you can choose or not choose to be part of the in crowd, but in a way I chose not to be. I sixth grade I had a pair of jeans with a ‘?’ on the front button. Well, my friends (well, mostly the boys) would giggle and say, do  you not know what is inside your pants? Haha, HeHe… So off to junior high and low and behold, ALL the cool girls had ‘?’ on the buttons on their pants, But my pair were too small by then. I decided then that I would never try to be part of the in crowd.

A few years back, a popular phrase came out. Everyone was saying it. Bumper stickers had it. Those trendy plastic bracelets….  The list goes on! I didn’t like the phrase because it was trendy and cool! WWJD… can people use real words instead of acronyms?

Well, some years have passed, it is not so trendy anymore, and I have matured =) I have decided it is a fabulous phrase! When someone says something mean to you, you should ask yourself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ When you are angry, you should stop and say ‘What would Jesus do?’ When your life is at the very bottom and there is no where else to go, ask yourself ‘What would Jesus do?’

Our Savior is a perfect example for us. The scriptures teach us through parables, stories, and revelations what Jesus would do. When we are stuck, we simply need to ask ourselves what the Savior would do, then act upon it. Our lives will be blessed and so will the people’s around us!

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